Engaged in the methodological renewal around « complex systems », the XSYS tries to bring together and unify in a convergent approach processes, concepts and laws governing the complex worlds that Life Sciences (ELS), Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) & Physics & Engineering Sciences (EPS) describe independently in their own field of expertise.

To allow a faster reintegration of the different areas of study, the XSYS has defined three Transversal Research Topics (TRT) aligned with the priorities of its stakeholders and partners. TRTs are exploratory areas that should enable to enrich the theoretical framework of complexity science, to invent more integrated approaches especially combining experiments and modelling and to raise new research questions with a deepening mind and via the development of interdisciplinary research that would combine the expertises of the scientific fields of studies gathered by the XSYS.

For several years, the research teams gathered under the XSYS banner have been involved in projects that go beyond the traditionally compartimented fields of study as they are are trying to shape renewed scientific boundaries.