The XSYS supports its members and regional stakeholders by providing them expertises on the understading and implementation of complex systems through a varied offer adapted to the needs of the different targeted audiences.

Fields of Action

The XSYS is an open and inclusive initiative. The scientific network is composed by an heart of 14 research units, 3 Engineering Schools and 3 technology plateforms (NeoCampus, ITAV, CBI) at the forefront of national or international science, this represents more than 200 researchers. The XSYS network cuts across the boundaries of traditonal disciplines to promote a renewed and unified interdisciplinary approach of “complex systems” supported by innovative instrumentations that can serve as a vehicule for progress of the French research. The XSYS can also rely on a secondary circle of 30 laboratoires and research structures that represent an additional 300 researchers that regularly collaborate to the research projects.

The XSYS brings together prominent teams in the following disciplines :

  • Physics and Engineering Sciences
  • Earth and Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

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To enable the reintegration of the different fields of research, The XSYS defined 3 Primary Transversal Research Topics (TRT) aligned with the priorities of its stakeholders.

To Read more : Thèmes de Recherche Prioritaires

The XSYS further extends the research activity on “complex systems” thru initiatives of promotion and training to accompany the appropration and diffusion of the generated knowledge and tools among the economic and institutional worlds. The program is deployed thanks to the support of existing partnerships within the research ecosystem, the help of specialised technoloy transfer structures including the Regional Innovation Agency Madeeli.

Ensuring access to the knowledge and tools generated by research on “complex systems” and sharing them in an intelligible and qualitative way to the greatest number is the 3 pilar of the XSYS.

Current & Completed Projects

Science & Interdisciplinarity

Transversal Séminars

To refine its scientific project of the XSYS, the Institute organises a transversal seminar focusing on one of the three Transversal Research Topics (Learn more about the TRTs) every 3 months.
These seminars (Half of full day) are meant to structure the local research community as such the speakers and audience are issued from the local academic community and a significant time is dedicated to debates. Moreover to promote interdisciplinarity, presentations represent each of the 3 scientific domains PSE, LSE and SSH.

Interdisciplinairy Projects

The researchers involved in the XSYS dynamic endeavour to the understanding and the unification of concepts and methodologies of complexity in the physical, biological, social, cultural technological or environmental fields. The Toulousan scientific network expands beyond the boundaries of research units, fields of study and brings together curious experts engaged in the development of a scientific logic that could bring innovation and progress and is achieved through cross-disciplinary research project on “complex systems”.

Up to date, the emblematic projects include :


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Academic Schools

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Science & Non academic partnerships

Thematic Days for Partners

A series of thematic days (or ½ days) called « the tools of complexity » was launched thanks to the support of Madeeli, Regional Development, Export and Innovation Agency.

These days targeting a non academic audience, enable to confront the scientific breakthoughs to the demand and needs of the private companies and public stakeholders in a specific field or business sector.

They are also a means to identify the local actors involved in the field in question and can be the first step towards further potential cooperative partnerships.

Partnership Projects
  • VAC-UP : Projet de prématuration CNRS : This program brings together 3 laboratories : CLLE, LAAS & CBI and 2 automotive companies : CONTINENTAL (supply) and RENAULT (manufacturer). It focuses on the levers and barriers related to individual and social human factors in the context of development of autonomous/connected vehicules. To read more, click here
On going Training

With the profound transformations our societies are facing, the increasing fragmentation of territories and markets, and disruptions that go beyond local frameworks (Climate Change, scarcity of resources…), private and public stakeholders acknowledge the limits of traditional compartimented approaches for the development of sustainable winning strategies.

The “Complex Systems” approaches developed within the XSYS network, offers a positive way of addressing complexity : not as a complication but rather a new way of thinking and thus acting. The XSYS develops an on-going training for operational staff and managers with the support of U-need Consulting.

  • Dossier Agropolis International “Complex Systems” : The series « Dossiers Agropolis International » is a publication issued by Agropolis International, in French and English, within its mission for the promotion of the scientific community skills. Each series which is a directory of skills, is dedicated to a major scientific issue. The XSYS coordinated the submission of the 18 contributions from the Toulousan research units.
  • Mêlée Numérique 2017 : 20th Edition of Toulouse Digital & Innovation Event. It gathered more than 150 partners : start-ups, Large groups, SMEs…The XSYS took part in a debate ! More info -> here

Science & Society

Public information and outreach
  • 2017 Communication plan of the Regional Delegation of CNRS : The Midi-Pyrénées Delegation CNRS has supported the development of the XSYS from its very begining. The choice to promote the Toulousan expertise on the science of complex systems is aligned with the early support. Three actions were run : Le Petit Illustré, Le café du Quai et en 2018, le Kiosque du Museum
  • ESOF 2018 : ESOF (EuroScience Open Forum) is the largest european interdisciplinary scientific gathering dedicated to research and scientific innovation. It brings together the academic, economic, insitutional stakeholders as well as media and general audience. The XSYS supported the submission of 3 proposals this year. More Info -> : here.
  • Museum de Toulouse : Multiple actions on “complex systems” were carried out. More info -> here
Exploratory & Experimentation Actions

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Citizen Participation

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