(2 day workshop)

Monday and Tuesday November 13-14, 2017

Université Toulouse Capitole
Manufacture des Tabacs
21 Allée de Brienne,
31000 Toulouse, France


Frédéric Amblard (IRIT, Toulouse), Bertrand Jouve (FRAMESPA/IMT, Toulouse), Céline Parzani (ENAC, Toulouse), Matthieu Roy (LAAS, Toulouse), Guy Theraulaz (CRCA, Toulouse)

Aim and Scope:

Designing swarms of autonomous mini or micro-drones able to self-organize, coordinate their motion, and cooperate to perform collective tasks in real-world situations such as monitoring forest fires or rescuing in emergency situations such as flooding and earthquake, is a major challenge in collective robotics. Recent advances in the study of collective motion and information processing in animal groups such as schools of fish or flocks of birds offer new sources of inspiration to design distributed control algorithms for swarms of drones. In these animal groups, simple social interactions facilitate the transfer of information between individuals and their ability to quickly respond to changes in the environment. How can these interactions be embodied in artificial swarms and can they be used to generate adaptive collective behavior?

This workshop is intended to promote an interdisciplinary approach of distributed control and adaptive collective behavior in swarms of drones and to favor cross-disciplinary interactions between various communities: quantitative ethology, computer science, information technologies, collective and swarm robotics and statistical physics. In particular we intend to discuss the following topics:

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