spring_embedded cluster_louvain cluster_girvan_newmanVisone is a long-term research project in which models and algorithms to integrate and advance the analysis and visualization of social networks are being developed.

It is develop by the Algorithmics group of the University of Konstanz. It is a Java tool intended to research and teaching in social network analysis. It is intended to both experts and novices who want to apply innovative and advanced visual methods on social networks.


Latest release on february 12, 2016


Visone Website

Informations complémentaires

Système d'exploitation (OS)

Linux, Mac Os, Windows

Fonctions d'Analyse

, , , , ,

Fonctions de Visualisation

choix du layout, filtrer la vue, orienter les liens, Personnalisation noeuds, liens et flèches, Visualisation des clusters

Type de licence

Closed source, Gratuit


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